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Caffeine Refiller

The Caffeine Refiller  a mug or tumbler that helps in keeping the kitchen organized. It is portable so that it can be taken along during the users day.

Experimental Toothbrush

The Experimental Toothbrush is concept of a travel toothbrush that has clean lines together with a capsule for carrying a travel sized toothpaste.


The FRAME nightstand lamp has been designed to solve the pain points of today’s nightstand-lamp users. It has features such as wireless charging, adjustable night lamp brightness, voice assistant, Bluetooth speaker, cable management and an alarm clock.

The Elete Mask

The Elete Mask is designed for athletes to train better. It helps them measure their VO2 Max together with altitude training to improve their blood oxygen level. The Mask can be connected to an app on the phone which shows the information and data it has collected from the body.


TY-AIR is a an outdoor seating concept that helps reduce waste by using worn-out automotive tires as a chairs.

Watch Project

The goal of this project was to come up with different watch faces and narrow down to two concepts of a dress watch and a sports watch.

My concept of a dress watch was a gold bracelet watch that can have two interchangeable cases for a traditional automatic case with an illumination bezel for nighttime visibility together with a smartwatch type case with in-built GPS running on android wear OS.

My concept of sports watch was a titanium watch that is super light in weight together with a rubber strap that is sweat proof. It also has a bezel that glows in the night together with a day display.

Besi Table

The Besi Table is a nightstand that is designed to have an in-built wireless charger, Mug heater and a night lamp on the back of it.

Aircraft Seating

The project was to come up with different seating options for an aircraft. There is also a mood board enclosed in the sketches that gives a feeling of a plush, comfortable and relaxing journey. My goals were to provide the viewer with a sense of wanting to relax, have a massage after a busy day.

AC Vent Air Freshner

The concept was to create an Air Freshener that fixes to the Air Conditioner vent of a car. I came up with three different styles but the mechanism is the same for all three. The design on the top of the page that is circular shows the different parts of it and how it is assembled. The one below it is rectangular with a control knob on top of it. The concept that is on the bottom of the page is also rectangular but horizontal and has the control knob on the side.

RET-Lock Mount

The idea behind the RET-Lock Mount was to create a phone mount for a bike that has a locking mechanism. The design behind the concept was to create a retro looking bike mount.

Car Key Fob

The goal of the project was to design a Car key fob and to create a production drawing to be sent to a manufacturer. Retro design was my inspiration for the project. The key element in this project was the production drawing to be readable and not just the design of the product.

Phone Stand

This was a fun project I did at home to check my new 3D Printer. The idea behind the stand was to make it easier for me to watch movies on my phone with not having the hassle of holding it upright.

Glue Gun Exploded-View

The Glue Gun project was done to experiment with my 3D Modeling and Rendering skills during the Pandemic. It was a fun project as I spent some time creating it and also a good way to refresh my skills.

Dorm Snacks-Pin

It was fun idea to 3D Print a pin that can hold leftover chips bags inspired by racing horses.

Tulip Lamp

The T – Lamp or the tulip lamp was designer to work as a mood light in a bedroom that was inspired by a flower.

Illuminating Collar

The concept of this dog collar is to illuminate at night and to work together with a GPS Tracker. It is power by solar.

CSULB Bookmark

The bookmark was designed to be inspired by the pyramid at CSU – Long Beach

Bachelor Pad Rendering

The concept behind this is to recreate a bachelor pad for a person who is active and lives by themselves